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How to Calculate BMI or Body Mass Index

Your BMI or Body Mass Index is a mathematical calculation based on your height and weight that is used to determine if you are overweight, normal, underweight or obese. BMI does not actually measure your body fat percentage though but it is believed to be the best indicator of body fat based on height and weight.

You can calculate your BMI by multiplying your weight in pounds by 705, then dividing by your height in inches twice.

Example: a 6 foot (or 72 inches) 200 pound man =

200 x 705 = 141,000
141,000 / 72 = 1958.33 / 72 = 27.20
BMI = 27.20

You can also use the chart below to quickly check and find your BMI.

A healthy Body Mass Index can help you live a longer an fuller life and increase your quality of life as well. Healthy BMI promotes better cholesterol levels and reduces your chances for heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. By maintaining a normal BMI you can reduce joint and muscle pains, better regulate bodily fluids and blood pressure, increase circulation and reduce the stress on your heart as well as more effectively metabolize sugars and carbohydrates. At the Palm Beach Wellness Center and Weight Loss we believe that a healthy Body Mass Index is important and we want to help you achieve your weight loss and diet goals. Our doctor supervised weight loss programs can help you reduce your body fat and increase muscle and your metabolism while teaching you to eat right.



All of Our Weight Loss Programs Use Foods You Can Buy at Your Local Grocery Store.



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Please note that not everyone will see the same results, Weight loss results may vary dramatically depending on the individual and their diet and exercise regiments. Weight loss totals by dieting alone  without exercising are usually less than that of an exercise and diet combination. All patients will consult with a practitioner before beginning any diet plan.

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