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Palm Beach Quick Weight Loss Basics

We believe that there is a delicate balance between quick weight loss and safe weight loss and you should always be under the guidance of a weight loss physician when attempting any quick diet program. At the Palm Beach Wellness Center you are under the direct care of Dr.Sanchez every step of the way to make sure that you are achieving healthy and safe weight loss at all times. Depending on your weight loss program you can lose in your first week safely if you have the right guidance and follow a complete diet and meal plan that is monitored by a quick weight loss doctor.

First we need to understand that no two people are the same, and that means everyone loses weight at different rates and from different places on their body. Successful and healthy quick weight loss is a balancing act of diet, exercise, and a change in the way we think of food. There is one simple rule that holds true with almost everybody. If you eat more calories than your body burns you will gain weight, it's simple math. The same goes for losing weight, if you burn more calories then you take in you will lose weight. Now, this seems like a simple equation for losing weight but as we all know that is not the case. There is much more to losing weight quickly and safely then just saying you are going to eat less. Deciding to do an extreme weight loss plan without actually knowing what you are doing or being under the direct care of a trained doctor can be dangerous. Most people who decide to lose weight fast and follow an unsupervised diet plan will gain all of their weight back and more. This is usually the result of starving oneself to lose weight and not eating right. It is very important that when you chose a weight loss clinic to help you reduce your weight safely that you chose one with an experienced weight management doctor in Palm Beach. Be careful of weight loss clinics that claim to be doctor supervised but do not actually have a doctor on staff at their location.

Permanent weight loss is not a quick fix that can be achieved with just a short term diet. Long term weight loss requires a lifestyle change and a commitment to a healthier diet. With the help of a weight loss clinic in Palm Beach you can get a jump start on your goals. The Palm Beach Wellness Center's staff will give you the guidance and motivation you need to get started. By first achieving a quick weight loss boost to get you motivated and then helping you change your lifestyle and eating habits to maintain your steady weight loss until you reach your ideal weight. By properly following a healthy diet you can avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy weight loss such as feeling sluggish, drained, or loss of muscle. By reducing calories from your everyday diet you will lose weight, but reducing the wrong calories can lower your metabolism and make it much harder. That is why it is important to be under the care of  the best weight loss clinic in South Florida.

One of the biggest problems we face is emotional eating. We don't always eat just because we are hungry, we frequently turn to food to relieve stress or for comfort. This is a quick way to gain weight. Stopping emotional eating is important and learning to recognize what leads to it is even more important. If you find yourself reaching for a snack when you are watching TV or just because you are bored you may have an emotional eating problem. A lot of times we eat like this because we do not have a well balanced diet and find that we constantly feel the need to top off our tanks so to speak. The most important thing in losing weight is a proper diet. If you do not eat enough of the right foods you will be hungry, and if you eat too much of the wrong foods you will gain weight. Our Palm Beach weight loss clinic will show you how to eat and help you lose weight fast. It's not to late to make a change that will improve your health and wellbeing.



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Please note that not everyone will see the same results, Weight loss results may vary dramatically depending on the individual and their diet and exercise regiments. Weight loss totals by dieting alone  without exercising are usually less than that of an exercise and diet combination. All patients will consult with a practitioner before beginning any diet plan.

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